27th of June 2016 07:45 PM Link
Can't wait to get back to Austin for Antone's 41st Anniversary week! #austin #blues #antones
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26th of June 2016 06:12 PM Link
While sorting through my Guitar Woman interviews today, I came across this great quote from blues guitarist and all around sassy woman, Gaye Adegbalola.

“The more I read and studied up on these women musicians, the more I realized that they were the psychiatrists, they were the role models, they were the business women, and they were the ones that would find humor in the pain. They were the comediennes. They were the wild women–the ones that wouldn’t take any shit from anybody. For the most part that just spoke to me.” Gaye Adegbalola

21st of June 2016 09:24 PM Link
17th of June 2016 07:29 PM Link
6/16/2016 - Warming up at sound check at the Stettler AB Performing Arts Center. Ken McMahon on drums, Chris Brzezicki on bass and Graham Guest on keys. Heading through Alberta and the Canadian prairies this weekend #mediterranean #breakfast #ontour #alberta
14th of June 2016 05:03 PM Link
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13th of June 2016 01:12 AM Link
Tonite 6/12/2016 10:00 pm EST: Streaming live from Edmonton--my first guest appearance on a Latin themed radio show. What a blast to talk about all things relating to blues and flamenco. Thank you Andy Johnson, Joe Clave and CJSR! #agualatina #CJSREdmonton

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12th of June 2016 02:24 PM Link
Yesterday, as I was editing and organizing my Guitar Woman files, and re-reading the interviews, it struck me that each artist I spoke with gave me a gift. I'm happy that I'm able to pass it along to you.

The latest offerings: Excerpts from my interviews with the gracious and talented, Susan Tedeschi, Vicki Peterson (the Bangles)), slide whiz, Ellen McIlwaine, former Late Night With Davis Letterman guitarist, Felicia Collins, guitar Goddess, Kat Dyson, My friend and amazing blues player, Debbie Davies, Iranian classical guitarist, Lily Afshar, Brazilian guitarist/singer/artist, Badi Assad, and the legendary trailblazer, June Millington (formerly of Fanny). Enjoy! #guitarwoman

8th of June 2016 03:27 AM Link
Thank you Kiarra... You look stunning!
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5th of June 2016 11:20 AM Link
"Mediterranean Breakfast." Live from North Atlantic Blues Festival. Featuring EJ Sharp on keys, Mike Griot on bass and Bill McLellan on drums. #latinblues #mediterranean #northatlanticblues
2nd of June 2016 11:55 PM Link
These are pretty cool treated digital photos from our show last week in Sedan KS. Thanks to Stan L Shook photography.
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31st of May 2016 05:45 PM Link
Thanks to Sedan KS, all at the Chautauqua Hills Blues Festival, Greg Wilkison, Dave Parsons and of course, the Buffalo. What a cool hang. #sedantastic
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26th of May 2016 07:47 PM Link
Yet another great shot by Alan Messer. Posing with my cello. #bluescello
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22nd of May 2016 06:12 PM Link
Today's additions: Excerpts from interviews with Steel player, Cindy Cashdollar and her mentor, Marian Hall, Piedmont legend, Etta Baker, iconical classical guitarist, Liona Boyd, and masterful shredder and trailblazer, Jennifer Batten. The hits keep comin'! #guitarwoman

19th of May 2016 12:49 AM Link
Where the Action Is. #action #whereitsat #guitarwoman
17th of May 2016 09:25 PM Link
Just updated my Guitar Woman Tumblr site to include excerpts from my interviews with the legendary Bonnie Raitt, singer songwriter, Joan Armatrading, classical guitarist, Sharon Isbin, Mississippi hill country blues artist, Jessie Mae Hemphill, Nancy Wilson of Heart, Rock icon, Suzi Quatro and the unforgettable Meshell Ndegeocello.
Get 'em while they're hot folks. More to come. #guitarwoman http://suefoleymusic.tumblr.com/
16th of May 2016 02:54 AM Link
Thanks to all who came out in Edmonton: Graham Guest, Chris Brzezicki, Grant Stovel, Rusty Reed--for your solid and soulful playing. What luck to see Amos Garrett--such a great and innovative guitarist. Also a pleasure to see Jack Semple from Regina, blues-steel picker, Sonny Rhodes, pianist Leon Blue, Stony Plain Records owner, Holger Petersen and the rest of the Alberta crew. Also, thanks to Andrew Johnson and Olivier Ca at CJSR. Much love to my bro, Dan and family. (Let's try to keep the dog away from porcupines next time!)
See you all in AB again in June. #thanks #merci #gracias #grazie #domoarigato #xiexie #danke
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14th of May 2016 11:52 PM Link
Brief interview on the Edmonton based, CJSR show, Agua Latina today--my first ever spot on a Latin music radio show. They were curious about my hybrid style of mixing flamenco with blues. I like to call it Flues. #flamencoblues
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13th of May 2016 01:37 AM Link
Sue Foley and friends to be sure. Meeting up with my mates in Canada. #myhomeandnativeland
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11th of May 2016 04:39 PM Link
Merch is in... just in time to hit the road. You can bank on this: Foley merch is both hot and cool. #summerswag2016

10th of May 2016 06:11 PM Link
This weekend - E-Town Canada. Sue Foley is officially back! #ontheroad #ontoursummer2016
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