11th of January 2017 07:49 PM Link
Bad Girl - The Jungle Show
7th of January 2017 07:24 PM Link
Thank you Chris Bell, Mike Flanigin, Fire Station Studios in San Marcos TX, Jimmie Vaughan, George Rains, Johnny Bradley, Derek O'Brien, Charlie Sexton, Chris Layton, JJ Johnson, Elias Haslanger, Ephraim Owens, Chris Maresh and the Texas Horns.... What an honor to make music with all of you. The Ice Queen cometh!
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5th of January 2017 05:17 PM Link
"Flamenco Dancer" featuring JLV and BFG #jungleshow
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1st of January 2017 05:25 AM Link
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29th of December 2016 04:41 PM Link
12/29/2016-The Jungle Show, Austin City Limits Live 3TEN Club.
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28th of December 2016 08:37 PM Link
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26th of December 2016 04:03 PM Link
The Jungle Show Cometh-3TEN Austin City Limits Live Dec 28-29. Sure gonna be fun! #thejungleshow #billyfgibbons #mikethedrifterflanigin #jimmievaughan #chriswhipperlayton #suefoley
25th of December 2016 03:55 PM Link
24th of December 2016 01:33 PM Link
23rd of December 2016 09:35 PM Link
Santa's coming!
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19th of December 2016 01:48 PM Link
Thinking of what to get your Telecaster player for Christmas? How about a set of Nico's USA, Sue Foley 'The Ice Queen'Signature Telecaster pickups? #waycool
16th of December 2016 05:12 PM Link
Still a little room left. Get 'em while they're hot!
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9th of December 2016 01:20 PM Link
Dec 28-29 I'll be returning to Austin TX to play the Jungle Show with Billy F Gibbons, Jimmie Vaughan, Mike 'the Drifter' Flanigin and Chris 'Whipper'Layton. #lookout #jungleshow #billygibbons #jimmievaighan #texasblues #ontour2016

7th of December 2016 01:11 PM Link
A little clip from the Madrid Jazz Festival.

6th of December 2016 07:00 PM Link
An update from British Music Magazine, 4.52 AM about my successful Kickstarter campaign. These are the same folks that bring you Guitar Quarterly Magazine. Cool peeps!

5th of December 2016 02:46 AM Link
We did it!!!!! The Ice Queen Cometh. Can't thank you all enough.
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5th of December 2016 01:25 AM Link
The Last Hour. Last Chance to Join In. The Ice Queen Kickstarter ends as of 9:00 PM EST Tonite! Thanks Everyone!!!!

4th of December 2016 07:26 PM Link
Final Hours. We're getting so close to the lofty goal of 350 Backers. Won't YOU join us?
Go Here: Bit.ly/TheIceQueen
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4th of December 2016 05:16 PM Link
The Ice Queen Kickstarter Campaign ends in less than 9 hrs. There's still time to join in folks!
Go Here:Bit.ly/TheIceQueen
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4th of December 2016 03:18 AM Link
Thanks to Jimmie Vaughan and Billy F Gibbons for their support with my Kickstarter. Less than 24 hours to go. Get on Board Bit.ly/TheIceQueen
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